lt Free 360 Leadership Values Assessment Tests in Minneapolis

Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessment Tests

CO2 Partners offers free leadership assessments Minneapolis executives can rely on to learn more about their leadership style and values. Take our P.E.A.K. Leadership Assessment and/or our Values Assessment today and hone in on the qualities and techniques needed to effectively manage your team.

P.E.A.K. Leadership Assessment

With the free PEAK leadership assessment Minneapolis leaders can:

  • Understand their leadership style (Professor, Innovator, Judge, or Director)
  • Discover how to ask the right question (to change Perspective, improve Evaluation, motivate Action, or gain Knowledge) in the right situation to achieve better results
  • Realize how communication influences leadership trust and effectiveness
  • Adjust the one mindset that has the greatest influence on their success
  • Increase motivation and ability to lead better in any situation
  • Focus their personal leadership coaching
  • Manage lasting change through a self-driven development tool

Take the FREE P.E.A.K. Leadership 360° now!

Values Assessment

Learn more about the values that guide your behavior.

During the value assessment test Minneapolis leaders are asked to prioritize 84 values. By taking the time to understand and isolate your core values, you will be better prepared to handle difficult situations and decisions.

The Values Assessment Test is not a tool where you discover things you did not know about yourself, but rather it provides an approach that will allow you to obtain greater clarity and self-awareness when dealing with those in your organization, family, and associations.

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