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Taking someone else’s vision and making it reality can be great—and it can be tough. Especially since you’re managing up and managing down, all the while striving to achieve that next level yourself. That’s why we’ve perfected the organizational coaching services Minneapolis executives can rely on to help their organizations, as well as their own careers, grow.

By reinforcing great leadership abilities with our executive business coaching, Minneapolis executives who were headed toward that CEO or Senior Partner position were able to acquire the skills, attitudes and strategies they needed to supercharge their ascent. Other clients have come to us feeling like they were beating their heads against a wall because their values were in such conflict with the organization’s. Still others weren’t sure what the root problem was, but every day at the office had become a hassle and a drag. You don’t need to feel at odds with your career, contact CO2 Partners to see why we’re known for providing the best organizational coaching Minneapolis has to offer.

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Who You’ll Work With

John Sandahl

John Sandahl specializes in working with executives and senior managers. He brings clients his unique perspective—combining a broad and comprehensive view of the business landscape with his ability to hone in on just the right details.

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Mark Feil

Mark has spent his entire career building winning organizations in technology.  His background includes senior leadership positions within F500’s and small private companies; he has also started his own technology solutions practice.  In each of those settings, Mark has exceeded corporate financial goals, grown revenue, and contained expenses.  Whether working for a large technology company, or a small start-up, he has never failed to be recognized as number 1 among his peers.

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John LeTourneau

John specializes in entrepreneurship, sales and marketing, and expansion in consolidating markets. Prior to becoming an executive coach, John was the national marketing representative of the year for John Wyeth, a Fortune 200 consumer products company. He also operated his own retail grocery business for fifteen years, grew revenue at double-digit rates, and sustained 4% operational nets (1% industry average) while doubling the workforce headcount.

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Shana Finnegan

Shana Finnegan is known for guiding and engaging established and emerging leaders through an inspiring process of resetting their vision for personal and professional success, realigning their growth curve to achieve the vision, and refreshing beliefs and expectations that empower healthy behaviors and habits. While each coaching engagement is unique, there is one common outcome for all: experiencing joy and fulfillment in the process of growth in both work and life.

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